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Featured Author: Saloni Quinby - Blog Tour + Giveaway

I'd like to welcome Saloni Quinby (some might know her as Kate Hill) to my blog. She's stopped off her during her blog tour to share her new release Weapons of Redemption 3: Cloak and Dagger with us! This is is 18+ folks *grins* This post has three parts: (1) a giveaway, (2) an excerpt *wowza!*, (3) some quirky questions I made Saloni answer because I'm evil like that.

To enter the following contest, you must be 18 or over.

To enter for the chance to win a pdf download of Weapons of Redemption 3: Cloak and Dagger, please leave a comment. A winner will be drawn three days from the day of this original post. Thank you!

Paranormal, Vampire, Erotic, M/M

When police detective Bryce Tarunson arrests a man who's identical to his lover from two thousand years ago, he's pulled closer to the vampiric master he hates.

Vampire hunter Shane will do anything -- including tempt a vampire -- to rescue his brother who has fallen into enemy hands. He doesn't believe he's capable of falling for the object of his seduction, until he meets Bryce.

The bond between Bryce and Shane forces them into a battle that might end in the destruction of the Weapons of Redemption.

The following EXCERPT from Cloak and Dagger is for readers 18 and over (caution M/M).

Ronan's wonderful scent filled Bryce with every breath.

No. Shane's scent.

He was so much like Ronan, from the expression in his eyes to his deep, husky voice. Even the long-fingered hand resting on the hard curve of Shane's thigh was Ronan's.

But it wasn't. Bryce reminded himself that this was not his lover.

Shane glanced at him and for a few seconds their gazes locked.

"I know you don't have any reason to believe me," Shane said. "But I am worried about my brother."

"I don't have a reason to trust you, but I know I trust Tucker even less. You don't strike me as a thief."

"I'm not."

A short time later they arrived at Shane's house.

They walked to Adrian's room and did a thorough search, then they searched the other rooms.

"This place is like a medieval arsenal," Bryce commented.

They stood in the finished basement that the brothers used for exercise and martial arts training. For target practice, they belonged to a local shooting range.

"Why such an avid interest in weapons?" he continued.

"Our parents were martial artists and history buffs. They traveled a lot. Adrian and I were home schooled."

"You and your brother had an unusual life."

"It didn't seem strange to us."

"Well, there's nothing around here that connects Adrian to Tucker in any way. Are you sure they were seeing each other?"

"Yes. Positive. Detective, my brother is the only family I have left. I'll do anything to find him, whether you believe he's truly missing or not."

"I believe you. But I also know that a lot of people disappear because they want to. That might be the case with Adrian."

Shane's eyes became even more intense. He moistened his slender lips and his hands clenched and unclenched at his sides. It didn't take telepathy for Bryce to sense his anguish.

"I want to help you, Shane. I do, but I have procedures I need to follow."

Shane took a step closer to him, so close that their chests nearly touched. He could see the pale gray ring around Shane's blue irises. He noticed the thickness of his dark lashes and pattern of stubble on his chin. It took all his restraint not to kiss Shane's sexy neck or claim his sweet lips.

Bryce's heartbeat quickened. For two thousand years he'd dreamed of kissing and holding Ronan again. He'd thought his lover was lost to him forever. This man might not be Ronan, but he was so much like him. It was sweet torture being this close to him. Remembering.

Bryce cupped the back of Shane's head and covered his mouth in a kiss. Shane stiffened at first, then relaxed. His lips opened to Bryce and their tongues thrust against each other, tasting and exploring. When the kiss finally broke, both were a little breathless.

"I'm sorry. That was completely out of line." Bryce closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head. He'd risked his job, his --

All thoughts vanished as Shane kissed him again, even harder and deeper than before. Bryce clung to Shane, loving his taste, his warmth and his scent. He relished the lean hardness of his body and the pressure of his cock. Grasping Shane's arms, Bryce reluctantly pulled away.

"This isn't right," Bryce breathed. "I'm sorry."

"No. I'm sorry," Shane said, his voice huskier than usual. "It's just from the minute I saw you... I can't explain why, but I'm drawn to you. I've never felt anything like this before."

"I have," Bryce murmured. "Just once."

They locked gazes and again reached for each other simultaneously. Their hands traveled over each other's bodies, tugging shirts from pants.

They stepped back only to pull off their shirts, then their hands were on each other's bare torsos. Bryce smoothed his palms over Shane's shoulders and chest. His thumbs swept his small, stiff nipples. He had many tattoos and the ink reminded him of the blue markings he and Ronan had painted on their bodies in the old days.

"Do these all mean something?" Bryce asked, caressing a tattoo of a stained glass window that covered Shane's entire left arm.

"Yeah. They remind me that I'm human." Before Bryce could ask him to elaborate, Shane grasped his shoulders hard and kissed him deeply.

The Weapons of Redemption series is available at:
All Romance Ebooks
Changeling Press

About Saloni Quinby
The child of a painter and a psychic dreamer, Saloni Quinby feels spirituality and storytelling go hand-in-hand. She loves the scent of gardenia, the sound of wind chimes and the taste of honey. By listening to what isn't said, she creates works based on unspoken desires. Saloni prefers blurred gender lines and many varieties of romance. In a world where passion must at times be restrained, she believes erotica is a pleasure to be shared. With her stories she would like to make her fantasies yours and hopes you enjoy the ride. She also writes under the name Kate Hill.

Time for some quirky questions...
MP: If you were a stalker, would you be really good at it?
SQ: Not remotely.

MP: What would be your reaction if you were told that you had to marry the first person you ever had a crush on?
SQ: No way!!

(She's not giving us much, is she folks? LOL - Let's keep working on her...)

MP: What embarrassing incident would you absolutely refuse to tell me about? No, go on, you can tell me, I feel we've become close. Pick one.
SQ: I’ve had so many. LOL.

MP: If people were thrown in jail for bad habits, what would you be thrown in jail for?
SQ: Not dusting often enough.

MP: When something cool happens in a movie, are you one of those who clap, or one of those who smile condescendingly at the clappers?
SQ: Neither. I’m usually home watching a DVD. :-)

MP: What would be your chosen superpower? Would you use it for good or evil?
SQ: Shapeshifting and it would depend on the situation.

Annnnnnnnnnd... that's a wrap! Please remember to leave a comment for Saloni (perhaps you can pry her secrets free, lol) to be entered into her giveaway. 


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